c.2006 Gibson Custom-Built J-150 Jumbo Guitar

This J-150 is owned by a friend of mine and he custom-ordered it from Gibson to suit his specs. The base model is a J-150, though it has a custom burgundy-burst finish with flamed maple back and sides (though it's hard to see that in the pics). It was shipped without the large pickguard and because of that it actually looks more vintage to my eyes than even the 50s jumbos.

No matter what, it's a big-sounding, thunderous guitar with a full bass that's also responsive and not spongy or thuddy at all. My work on it at the moment was just a quick fret level/dress and setup.

The dark-red/purple finish is a very cool look for a typically very yellow-white guitar.

Plenty of pearl inlay...! The neck is a 2-piece flamed maple neck with a center strip of mahogany.

The owner does this on every one of his guitars.

Because one of the cream plastic pins was missing, I installed these ebony pins as upgrades instead.

I'm not a fan of these in-side electronic pre-amp Fishman gizmos, but they do work and are pretty practical if you're playing in a loud environment and need fine-tuning of your sound.

It's a shame that it's so hard to capture the flamed maple all over this instrument because it's quite nice.

Gold-plated Klusons.

Strap-button output jack.

Good neck set.

Custom Shop label.

There's that orange oval!


Anonymous said…
I love that dark red/purple colour.
I would love to see a uke with that.
This one:


...has "eggplant" colored sides. :)
Unknown said…
I just recently purchased this exact guitar. Was searching the web trying to get more info on it. So funny that I found little article on the exact guitar. Thanks for all the info! The pick guard in now in place when i purchased it covering that little scratch.