c.1994 Guild F5CE Thinline Jumbo Cutaway Guitar

This is a very interesting guitar being a cutaway jumbo instrument (16" lower bout) with 3" depth sides. Because it has that typical Guild arched back, it actually feels almost like playing a cutaway archtop guitar (which usually have side depths of around the same) rather than a flattop. Phsyically, as far as playing comfort and "size in the lap" goes, this is really a winner. The narrower "jumbo" waist but wider lower bout gives a sort of 000 tonality while the thinner depth combined with the arched back and cutaway gives a compressed, very fundamental sound overall. It's like a hybrid of a really good flattop 000 tone with the clarity and fundamentals of a good archtop tone... and judging by how the soundclip for this one came out, it records phenomenally easily as well.

If you're interested at all, I'm also updating the post for this guitar's "sister" instrument, a full-depth cutaway jumbo (click here) the FF5CE.

Work on the guitar included a light fret level/dress, adjusting/installing string ramps at the bridge, and slight setup at the nut and saddle. It plays nicely with "spot on" action (1/16" treble, 3/32" bass) at the 12th fret sporting regular light 54w-12 gauges. The neck is slim and very fast like a 60s Gibson which means that cutaway portion will more than likely get used since this is a great guitar for lead work. Acoustic volume is also very good, but it has an onboard Fishman undersaddle unit as well with EQ on the side.

Gold hardware, classy Guild detailing at the headstock.

Rosewood board and bridge. Inlaid pearl dots.

I love the oval soundhole which echoes that gypsy-jazz Selmer-Mac look, especially combined with the cutaway.

Solid spruce, x-braced top.

This guitar is exceptionally clean.

This has Indian rosewood back and sides and a mahogany neck. I'm not sure about the sides, but the back is definitely laminate in typical Guild fashion which supports the press-arched mold they use.

The rosewood on this is quite pretty with a lot of nice contrasting "lining."

Did I mention the original Guild hard case in good shape? Nice.