Ephemera: Strummers! (c.1926)

How cool is this photo? I'm seeing a Lyon & Healy Camp Uke, Washburn guitar, Slingerland banjo uke, a fancier Kay (Stromberg-Voisinet)-made banjo uke with resonator, various other Chicago ukes, a Harmony banjo uke, a five-string and a plectrum banjo (both possibly Chicago-made, too?), a Lange/Buckbee-shop banjo uke, a pair of "Richter" style ukes, and of course whatever other ukes are hanging around plus... a musical saw! What a sound this would be...

Hyperbole aside, cool stuff is coming up tomorrow. First off is a customer's fancy Regal-made mandolin that I've been meaning to finish off for forever, a number of "workshop" photos of various customer instruments during repairs, and I'm also hoping to finish off a 30s Regal-branded mahogany-bodied squareneck Dobro resonator guitar as well.