c.1939 Oahu Guitar Catalog No. 23/270K

The above PDF link contains scans of a complete, original Oahu catalog from 1939. I'm hoping that having a full catalog up on the net will start to help fix peoples' assumptions about model names and numbers and also "who made what."

I've added maker notes to the file on the right hand side of the pictures for reference.

This file is hosted at my Google Drive account but may be downloaded freely. Enjoy! Please share, save, host elsewhere, mirror it, and keep it in the public sphere for free use.


Chris Till said…
Thanks so much for posting this. There is magic in old Oahu guitars. I just picked up what I think is an old 50K. It's got this hilarious headstock that looks slotted from the front, but is actually solid when seen from the back. Plus the headstock has a groovy "wave" on the top. Not only that, but it sounds... just really nice. Keep up the good work, your blog is an invaluable source of info.