Ephemera: Lady & the Voisinet (c.1925)

Hm, one lucky lady with an (apparently) early Stromberg-Voisinet hawaiian-decal guitar. I haven't seen that particular decal before and haven't seen such a dark finish on one of these, either.

Heels, dress, curls, guitar -- gig ready!

And as an aside: thanks to the purchasers over the weekend! Your stuff is going to get shipped tomorrow.

And as a further aside: I may continue my really lowballed pricing through May as my instrument output wasn't as great this month as I would've liked and I'd like to give some more folks an opportunity to pick up some good stuff on the cheap.

"Thank you, come again!"


charlie said…
There's something about black vintage guitars from this era, they always look good, but very few come on the market.