2012 German-made Bruko "Yellow Submarine" Painted Uke

Update 2018: The owner of this uke brought it in for consignment and so I've updated the pictures, description, and video clip.

What a cool find, huh? This uke is a German-made Bruko standard concert model from 2012 that was painted-up by Mooglymoo in a Beatles "Yellow Submarine" theme. It's had the same owner since 2013 and I'd never even set it up for the fellow until now. It only needed some minor nudging at the nut and it's now playing as it should.

The paint job is quite good and it's so well-executed as it wraps around the sides that it almost serves as camouflage to break-up the shape. It's also fortunate that it was painted on a nice-enough instrument to serve. These Brukos are not show-stoppers in the tone department, but they're reliable, sound good, and feel good, too.

Specs are: 16 5/8" scale, 1 13/32" nut width, 1 3/16" string spacing at the nut, 1 5/8" spacing at the bridge, 7 3/4" lower bout width, 6" upper bout, and 2 3/8" side depth at the endblock. The neck has a medium D-shaped profile and a flat, rosewood fretboard. Action is a hair over 1/16" at the 12th fret.

It comes with a slightly-oversize hard case.