c.1920 Elton Spin-On 11" Pie-Plate Banjo Resonator

This is a surplus-to-me (I've got a few) pie-plate style resonator that "spins on" to the back of any banjo that has a wooden dowel-stick construction. It's in good shape with all of its cork spacers/feet and will both brighten up, focus, and liven up the sound of the banjo you put it on. Volume increase is subjective but it will definitely make your banjo punchier in the mix and you may gain some extra sympathetic harmonics.

This is for 11" rims but will work for 11 1/16" or 10 7/8" rims as well. 10 3/4" rims can take it but you might feel a bit of a "lip" and it may be harder to tighten the rim nuts.

Elton stamp.

The U-shaped mechanism attaches to the center of the dowel and has that threaded portion protruding. You then "spin on" the resonator rear attaching it with the threaded center shaft.