c.1960 DeArmond RHC-B Magnetic Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

Made for acoustic guitars with round soundholes, you can see these old DeArmond pickups mounted on many old bluesmen's (and rockers') guitars from the 60s. The general design is older (1950s) but I'm pretty sure this one is a 60s product.

Those in the know have an idea how pricey these can be and how rare they are to find in decent shape. This one works perfectly, has its original lead wire and jack, the volume pot/wheel works well, and it reads 9.1k ohms (nice and hot) on the meter. Tone-wise, these are clear throughout the spectrum, clean-sounding, and well-defined string to string. They're a great alternative to modern piezo units and look cool on old gear, too. This has 5 exposed poles and one (the B string) sunken pole. The B is lower on the unit to keep it from being overly-loud vs. the other strings.

The plated steel shows pickwear and use-wear and the roughly-Strat-sized pickup has a cream cover.

Underneath, you can see the compact design of the unit as well as the easy mounting via tabs.