c.1974 Taiwan-made Yamaha FG-75 Acoustic Guitar

Ah, the faithful FG-75... many a student's first guitar, whether used or new. These all-laminate, fan-braced 00-size guitars make great, rugged, dependable instruments. After a proper setup they can play just fine, too.

This is a customer's guitar that was in for a bit of work: setup and bridge shave... which ended up including a new bone saddle, too, since the (replacement) one in the slot wasn't tight enough, really.

The truss has been maxed out and the fretboard has a slight "S" curve... but... but... I still cranked action down to 3/32" bass and a little over 1/16" treble at the 12th, which is pretty good, I'd say, for the condition of this guit. The idea was to keep costs really low as this is going to a student.

I had to shave the bridge down a full 1/16" or so and after that I added some string ramps and a new (compensated for the B string) bone saddle.

Plenty of nicks and dings... but it's meant to be played and learned on, not kept under glass.