Ephemera: Kamaka Serenade (c.1940)

Ah, another photo from the "I wish I was there" series...! Getting colder up here, finally, and I can smell winter coming faster than I'd like it and we still have 9 tons of wood pellets needing to be stacked in the barn. Yikes! -- still, check out those gorgeous Kamaka pineapple ukes in their natural habitat. I like.

In other news: I managed to get an early flu-like horrid thing over Friday into this morning (I blame children), but seem to be on the mend. Please forgive me if I haven't been prompt or maybe if I've sounded a little hazy on the phone -- I have been! Heh heh. Back to business as usual starting this week, though, and lots of fun stuff for show & tell: customers' ukes and whatnot (including some real oddballs), some fun "coming up" instruments, and a good assortment of vintage accessories that've walked into the shop recently (pickups, banjo hardware, etc.) to peek through.

OH, and also: I've been adding "read more" cuts/links to the recent posts so you only see one image pop up for each blog post and then you'll have to click the "read more" link to see the rest of it. Please give me feedback: good? annoying? liked it better before? what?