Getting ready for the holidays?

Yeap, I've been slow getting the inventory updated and blog posts done. Stuff has been moving and more stuff has been coming in and out which is making my head spin a bit! I finally got some sound clips up and more goodies will follow tomorrow.

First off, my Res-O-Tone is for sale at $100 less than I bought it for about a month and a half or so ago. It's a great unit but I didn't figure on keeping that Hilo for myself!

Next up, banjo players should be on the lookout because a 30s Serenader is back in stock. Great old-time jo, longish scale, and comfortably deeper neck profile than those skinny, nothing-to-hold-onto new 5-strings.

Finally, a very practical and big-sounding Guild D4 dreadnought (w/pickup) is up for grabs on consignment and so is a cool 50s Silvertone jumbo guitar that came back in trade (complete with new hard case, too).