Album Roundup

I've been meaning to give a shout about a few albums released by customers/compatriots of mine this year that've found their way into our vehicle's continuous rotation stack of CDs. So-- here goes!

Paul Rangell is a vintage mandolin and guitar aficionado who I've done a bunch of business with and he and Ms. Emily put out this record of (mostly) New Mexican and Italian folk tunes played on mandolin(s), guitar(s), and bass. I think there may be a fiddle in there, too. It's a fantastic album and brought me right back to the sounds of southwest AM radio stations seemingly broadcast out of the cacti. The kids love it, too.

Anders is a Burlingtonian and good company when shop-talking in the shop. I always know strange gear will pop out of his vehicle when he shows up! He put out this album with long-time pal and (also) songwriter Kendall and it's a great listen. It's right-away familiar territory for those of us haunting indie vibes, but in Anders' usual curious way it's not lifted from anywhere and stands on two or three or four feet.

The Quiet American (Aaron Keim) is firmly rooted in old-timey folk roots and (thank the Gods) it's not thickly polished like the typical festival-scene music seems to be these days and it draws on a lot more than that insular little world. This time out Aaron's newest release is somewhat of a concept album and it's the best yet.