c.2013 Shawnee Creek F-Style Mandolin

This natural-finished, American-made F-style mando arrived on my doorstep on its way to Australia. I gave it a once over as it was pretty "rough around the edges" to begin with and that work included a new nut and a fairly heavy fret level/dress. After the work -- guess what? -- it plays great and has an authentic, projecting bluegrass tone that's going to grow as it gets played-in.

This has a carved spruce top with carved walnut (I believe) back and walnut sides as well.

The hardware is all good quality. Pearl buttons -- pretty slick!

The binding is all ivoroid material.

I'm a sucker for non-traditional back and sides on bluegrass instruments. Lovely stuff.

Allen tailpieces are never a bad choice.

...and a good adjustable ebony bridge, too.