Ephemera: Agave Pals (c.1890)

Xmas is coming up, the forecast says -5 F pretty soon... and sitting with my buddies in the warm California sun with an old guitar and an agave plant... sounds pretty nice.

That said, -5 F is a heck of a lot better than -20 F this time of year.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jake,

Best wishes for you, your family and friends. Hope (and know) you are doin well. Greetings from a windy and wet Holland.

Thanks Frank!!! Good to hear from ya! :)
Unknown said…
Hi from 66 degree California,
Do you have the original prints or high-res scans of any of these old photos you'd be interested in sharing/selling? This is an especially cool one.
Hi Chuck -- most of these are lifted off of eBay with screen capture before they disappear into the void again. A few are ones I've purchased. This isn't one I have access to, unfortunately.

All the best!

Unknown said…
Thanks for getting back to me. I really do love your site. I hope to do some business with you in the coming year. Good luck to you!