c.1965 Fender Jazz Bass

This bass was in for a fret level/dress and a setup as well as a bit of tinkering with the tuners. The bandmate of the owner dropped it off for work and had assumed it was a 70s Jazz but I knew as soon as I picked it up that it was earlier considering the feel and style of the neck and finish. Turns out it's a '65!

If you've ever been an electric bass player, something like this is a joy to have on hand. They're just not quite the same these days. My first real instrument was a J-bass so maybe I'm also a bit emotionally-attached to them as well.

Everything looks more or less original on the bass. I love the honest wear to it and -- what's also cool -- is that it bears a great old leather gun strap in the case as its hanger.

The tuners turn backwards from normal but are original gear. I had to fiddle with the knobs a bit to get them to stay in their proper positions as they were doing that fishtailing thing that these tend to do sometimes.

Clay dots, nice rosewood board with a fast medium-size feel, and those frets dressed nicely.

I replaced a few screws on the pickguard just to secure it. This is headed out for gigs tomorrow.

A bit of WD-40 got those tuners working a bit more happily.

...and there's the telltale marker.