SoundCloud Updates

I mentioned earlier that I've been uploading all my old audio files from instrument sales to their matching blog posts... and I'm happy to say that I've completed what I have from 2013 and 2012. This process was brutal but I think it makes sifting through the history online way more fun because now you can hear them. Or most of them, anyway.

Next week I tackle 2011 and I'm hoping I can find whatever happened to my 2010 and 2009 files. They may be stored on some sort of old technology (oh no!).


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for doing this, Jake. You're making a tremendous resource available to all of us out here who love these old instruments.

Bruce in Maine
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is awesome! Thanks Jake

Abdul bari said…
Now that we've launched the new SoundCloud, we're bringing our focus back to the Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed for updates. soundcloud plays