c.1969 DeArmond "Moustache" Pickups

These two surface-mount DeArmond pickups came off of a very dilapidated Harmony Rebel. These are stamped 1969 on the rear and both function perfectly fine though the neck pickup has one replacement polepiece that I cut from an old bolt. The neck pup (thinner mount) runs at 7.4k ohms while the bridge measures 7.5k ohms. These guys come as a set and have about 8-10" of lead wire coming off of them.

Just a note: this style pup sounds awesome. You get that sort of snarly, radial engine tone when you add just a bit of dirt to them on a solidbody guitar but clean they work decently as a rockabilly or country-sounding unit on a hollowbody or semi-hollow guit.


Klagon said…
How much might you be asking for those pickups I am not at all salivating over?