Keeping Busy

Today was pretty fun for me -- I took a break on customer work and spent much of the day getting my two new banjo basses closer to finished. The fretted one (18" rim) will be ready to go on Friday (the finish just needs to dry) while the double bass banjo (22" rim and 42" scale) will probably be done early next week. I can't tell you guys how excited I am for these two -- they're going to be lightweight, easily transportable, sturdy, and hopefully ergonomic in design. In addition, they'll both be able to sit on stage in a regular guitar stand which is a big plus for me.

In other news, there's really cool stuff in the pipeline: a Sam Chang ukulele, Regal tenor guitar, kit-bashed Gibson-partser electric tenor banjo, several other ukes, and some pretty hip customer gear. Right now I'm glancing over at an 1870s French gut-strung guitar that's pretty enticing and, get this, a Vega "cylinder back" mandola. Yep, mandola.