Workshop: Pileups!

This is the most tedious refret ever! This is that size 5 Harmony tenor guitar that's been in the inventory. Slowly but surely over the whole day I've been adding frets and gluing them in one at a time. This is necessary because of the dastardly pearloid veneer material (that springs frets up) combined with the dyed maple Harmony tended to use for fretboards (which is spongy). At the time of this post the work is done save for leveling and dressing them all up, but it was funny to have 2 or 3 projects on the table all day with this one keeping constant company with the other projects...

Here's a little preview of tomorrow, though! This is a customer's tenor harp-like mandolin-variant instrument. I have so much nice and curious customer gear in for repair right now that the tone addict in me is crying, "hurry up, Jake, finish this stuff so you can hear it!"