c.1974 Gibson RB-250 Resonator 5-String Banjo

Well, here's a classic bluegrass 'jo! This RB-250 "Mastertone" 5-string was also brought in for setup and fret work and now she's back playing like she should. I was impressed with the amount of warmth coming from this banjo vs. other Mastertones I've played. Part of that was dialed in during setup but part of it is the instrument itself, especially with that clear head (which to my ears usually = more snap).

Like the Bish banjo before, this banjo was also quite grimed-up but cleaned up a little better for the photos. I'm always amazed when fretboards get that glazed donut look to them simply from grunge!

The pickup-loaded bridge got compensated during setup, too. I never understand why folks don't do this more often... it's as simple as running a rounded file in the D, G & B slots while he bridge is off the banjo. No need to pay a bunch of $$ for a fancy bridge...

The primary wood in this banjo is mahogany... and lots of it.

Note the 3-piece neck... that's a good way to add strength while minimizing waste.