c.1975 Japan-made Rythmline SG-copy Electric Guitar

This guitar is similar to (but not quite the same as) Aria or Matsumoku-made Gibson SG copies. It has a decidedly "Teisco" sort of feel though the neck is extra-fast like a 60s Gibson and has a sort of mild v shape to its rear profile.

Work included a light fret level/dress and general cleaning and setup. With its shorter 24 1/2" scale and light weight, it handles really easy as well. It gives you that guitar superhero sort of feel when you pick it up because it just makes you want to play really fast up and down the neck (this can either be A-- a good thing or B-- a really bad thing).

Cute "open book" headstock shape. The truss works and the nut is plastic of some sort.

Real pearl markers in a real raidused rosewood board with real medium frets...! Not bad.

Humbuckers -- and they sound good, too. The clip that you can hear above is a mic placed in front of a little 2W tube amp and you can get a sense of the sort of dense sound (or snarl) you can get with this guitar. Pretty fun.

Note the weird red paint on the lower humbucker's casing -- I tried to remove all of the stuff (it was sort of painted-on in a few places on the hardware) but couldn't get it all out of the cracks. It's harder to notice in person.

Fully-adjustable bridge and simple stop tailpiece. The controls all came back to life with a bit of contact cleaner.

You can see the laminated "mahogany" body pretty easily from the side. The finish has those long weather cracks throughout as well.

The neck is some sort of Asian mahogany-related species as well. These tuners work just fine.

Here you can see the weather-cracks to the finish and some of that lamination a bit better.


Unknown said…
There is currently one of these sitting in my daughter's room at her mother's. Unused. Is it worth grabbing and having a look at?