Cinema: Beachwood Sparks @ KCRW

I used to listen to Beachwood Sparks all the time in the car when their first couple of real records came out in the early 2000s but since they disbanded I didn't expect to hear new material. Apparently, they came back together for 2012's album "Tarnished Gold" and I didn't even know about it! They're still a heck of an outfit as the above KCRW performance will attest.

And, yes: I'm back to work since this morning! I'm off to grab some groceries but when I get back I'll share a 60s Kay-made Silvertone tenor banjo. Tomorrow's posts will (hopefully) feature a 30s Harmony archtop tenor guitar, 50s Regal 12-fret parlor guitar, a 30s Regal tiple, and a 50s Hopf 3/4 guitar.