Workshop: Tiple Neck Reset

After finally getting around to regluing most of the back of this tiple, I steamed out the neck (as it was loose) and this is what I found... as usual... a shimmed up, pre-reglued joint.

It's not a bad idea using these veneer shims to tighten up a joint but it's important to also test the joint for stability (the neck should not move in the joint when wiggling it at all even without glue in it). It's easy to botch this... and I've done so in my dark past... but I see this all the time with "home repairs" where not enough glue was used and the joint was not made "fast" before actual gluing.

I haven't decided whether to reset this with a tenon/bolted modified joint or if I'm going to shim the joint up (again) and just use a glued joint. I may go for the former. The dovetail is really crude on this particular tiple.


Anonymous said…
Please post pictures when you repair this tiple,if youmwould?

Charles said…
So now 5 years later what did you do? I have a Martin Tiple...neck is very sraight. How do I know if it needs a neck reset?
Sounds great ....if there wasa reset it would really be truss rod. Frets are great.