Ephemera: Another Weird Day (c.1924)

I know exactly when this is from because the originals were penned with 1924 in the bottom right corners. I love the setting -- looks like a thawing going on -- and the fantastic instruments: Lyon & Healy carved-top rare-as-heck mandolin (and expensive in its day, too!) and (Supertone-style?) 5-string banjo.

Check out that hair, too!

Anyhow... it's been one of those weird days... entirely filled up with phonecalls and in-store conversations with players, antique dealers, record collectors and old friends randomly showing up out of the blue (this happens often here). I'm always thankful for these odd duck days later on but I'm also thankful for days when I can actually get a string of banjos re-skinned and neck resets done, too!

The banjo uke looks like one of those Harmony-made "California style" jobbies. I'm still a little slackjawed that this Mr. is laying that fancy L&H mandolin in the snow...!