Local Flavor: Spring in Vermont

Above: Oona grabbing some early flowers for her Mama on a walk last week!

It may be surprising to our more southerly neighbors but Spring in Vermont doesn't really come until, say, a week and a half ago. As such we've been incredibly busy and (when time permits) sun-dazed. The last week-plus have been spent when not furiously doing small repairs and setups on getting our garden ready to grow, new fruit trees in, and the usual post-winter car repairs taken care of. Our roads, also, are more like cattle paths until this time of year, too, as evidenced by bridges closed for renovations and road crews out everywhere.



Anyhow, the buds are all out and the soil's tilled and now we can get back to our usual labors which means the instrument posts are gonna ramp back up again. Tomorrow I'm hoping to put the final touches on several ukes and a very pretty customer's rare Regal tenor guitar... so stay tuned!

But me, personally? I can't wait for those sour cherry trees, grape vines, and blueberries to start producing!