New Album! "Feeling Lousy"

To whet your whistle the image/player above serves to play the album but if you want to download the whole thing it's FREE BOTH AT MY WEBSITE where you can download it in a zip file or also AT SOUNDCLOUD.

It's new album day! ...just in time to finish out your Memorial Day weekend. This one clocks in at just under 50 minutes and sports a vague alt-country honky-tonk vibe. The songs are a mix of new and old and, to be honest, they were a bit of a grab-bag when I first started work on the album but by the time I was laying down drums they all fit together like a decent jigsaw puzzle.

It's a decidedly more electric affair than I've been doing lately and the main instruments used throughout were my '84 Gibson J-25, now-trusty Mexican-American P Bass, the kids' kitchen drumset, the Vermont Steelz lap steel borrowed from the store, that recently-posted 2012 Gibson LP junior (main lead throughout) and an androgynous Chinese Strat. My wife's banjo uke and my own tiple also figure in here and there as well as a bunch of vintage Hohner harmonicas and one of my buzoos.