c.1968 Harmony H1260 Sovereign Jumbo Guitar

This is a customer's old Sovereign in for repair which included a neck reset, bridge reglue, new bone saddle, fret level/dress, and setup. It plays spot-on with a set of 12s and has that big, sort of airy, jumbo voice. These are totally cool guitars and sort of fit the bill for a working man's J-185 kind of deal. It's much more "jumbo" and less "dreadnought" despite its wide-waisted appeal.

In addition to the big round tone you also get a pretty quick, practical sort of truss-rodded neck on these upscale 60s Harmony products... and speaking of 60s... this one appears to date to 1968 (the date-stamp is awfully faded).

Amazingly, there are no cracks. This sports solid spruce for the top (ladder braced) with mahogany back and sides. Everything except the endpin and saddle is original to the guitar, too.

Nice rosewood bridge... with a new bone saddle. I must say that even though these tie-block/rear-load style bridges are very practical for the player that they sometimes drive me crazy when I'm working on them as it's a lot harder to pop the strings off and on for setup purposes.

Radiused rosewood board... with original frets... and faux-MOP dots.

Mahogany neck, too... and all one piece except for the "wings" on the oversize headstock. These tuners were a little hesitant until they were lubed but now they work just fine.

The original endpin  was missing and I don't think the guitar minds its new ebony replacement.