c.1975 Korean-made SG Clone Electric Guitar

My buddy brought this guitar in that his sister picked up for him from a tag sale for the princely sum of $1. Sheesh! There were basket-case issues here and there (frets needed a light level, new nut was needed, electronics needed sorting, it badly needed a setup, and the bridge needed modifying if it ever hoped to play in tune) but it's come out of rehab quickly and happily.

This thing is chock full of "features" including a ridiculous, tune-destabilizing whammy and two humbucking pickups... one of which needs a serious rewind... but who cares? The bridge pup sounds "tops." ...and for a $1 guitar, my friend is probably not going to invest in something to replace it.


The rosewood board is laminate in its own regard with just the thinnest veneer of rosewood on its top. The "pearl" is equally faux-material and a few of them needed some regluing...

The straight-across saddle for the bridge needed some filing to intonate the slots for a set of regular lights with an unwound G. It also needed to be unscrewed from the top, moved around, and then re-screwed once proper intonation was found. For some reason the builders never screwed these bridges down in the right place when they made these guys... it's not that hard to measure!

So, did my buddy win out? Sure thing!


TRex said…
This is exactly like the very first guitar I ever owned. Purchased through Sears-Roebuck mail order with a cheap amp. Probably around 1977.