June Hardware: Bowlback Tuners & Banjo Bits

I've been finally getting around to cleaning out my parts bins of multiples and so I'll be posting over the next week about pieces that are available for purchase.

First up are these recessed mandolin tuners that are often found on 1890s-1920s American bowlback mandolins (as well as some flatbacks). After a shot of lube they work just fine.

Next up...

This is a hinged/clam style mandolin tailpiece that also operates as a wrist-rest. It's worn nickel-plated brass. These are hard to find as they weren't used very often. Note the little screw in the middle that twists to lock the cover down in place when the cover is closed.

I also have this old 1920s/30s Waverly 4-string adjustable tenor/plectrum banjo tailpiece in good stead with a hanger.

...and as I have several of these 1920s Slingerland/Chicago-style adjustable neck braces I don't think I'll need this fella, either.