June Hardware: Guitar Bridges

 I have a ton of old bridges that were either salvage from dead guitars or surplus to my needs when working on them. Some may be useful!

First up are a batch of floating bridges (above) that are typical for 1900-1920 tailpiece flattop guitars. The slots in the back align the bridge and the fret in front works as a saddle. If you want a proper vintage bridge for something like this, then these may work. The bottom two are c.1910 while the top one is a later, 1920s/30s type. All are stained pearwood/birch/maple or the like.

On to the next...

Here's a trio of Regal bridges -- the bottom two are 1920s/30s standards made from birch and stained with a fret saddle. The top one is also birch (I believe) and dates more from the 1940s and had bolted wings original to it. Update: dark pair are sold.

Here's a pair of pyramid bridges... the thinner top one is dyed rosewood and probably belonged to a gut-strung instrument like an old Bay State or similar while the bottom is poplar or birch (stained) and probably hung out on something like an Oscar Schmidt or similar from the teens. Update: both pyramid bridges are sold.

Here are two Kay rosewood/bone bridges -- the top is a flattened-pyramid type probably from the 20s/30s while the bottom is a "string through front" and then "loop around" bolted bridge from the 40s. Bother are compensated. Update: regular pin bridge is sold.

This is a 1930s Harmony stained-poplar bridge with synthetic, compensated saddle. This would've come on guitars like their Vogue like and more mid/upscale flattops though once in a while you see them on Harmony parlor-size instruments.

Here's a rare one -- a rosewood 1920s Oscar Schmidt tenor guitar bridge. As usual, the celluloid insert saddle is long gone (they deteriorate quickly).