June Hardware: Guitar Tails

More parts-bin treasures! I wind up taking lots of tailpieces off of guitars that have had them retrofitted (ie, converted from pin bridge to tailpiece) and so I don't mind clearing some of these out...

Above: typical 50s Harmony tail for a cheapy/mid-level flattop.

Above: I'm sort-of hoarding this vintage Kluson 12-string tail (probably from an electric?) as it was sent to me by a good buddy/consignor... but if you have something that this matches, ask! I wonder what this went to originally?

Above: 1930s Harmony or Regal-use tail probably from a pressed-archtop guitar.

Above: 1940s/50s parlor guitar tailpiece... retrofitted I'm sure to some 1920s guitar that I took it off of.

Above: 1940s wartime Harmony tail! These mounted to the top (with 2 screws) on wartime archtop guitars as they were trying to save steel/brass.

Above: very typical 60s Harmony tail.

Above: same thing... but possibly slightly earlier... 50s. I think this would actually look kinda cool on a low-brow Django-style gypsy-jazz-esque guitar.