c.1958-62 Gibson Brown ES-335-style Hard Case

Pink-lined, sized for 6-string ES-335 (or ES-125, ES-125, ES-345, etc.) models... and in really good shape. It has a tiny bit of that "old case smell" but no mildew or nasty stuff. There's only a tiny bit (4") of small detached lid at the very bottom (butt end) of the case on the reverse. Overall? Ready to go...!

I'm not entirely sure of the date but I'm pretty sure these were offered from 1958-1962 or so. It didn't come with a Gibson in it (hah, hah) but there's a 335 in the workshop from the late 60s that fits in it perfectly.

There are only the most minor of scuffs and use scratches here and there. The lid is arched lightly.

Here's the ripped cover on that bottom end (only in this spot). This is typical. The ply is detached for about 3-4" in the "uppermost" bit but very stable. I could glue it and clamp it up or leave it as-is. You decide.