c.2000 Breedlove Columbia Carved-top Mandolin

This is a friend's near-mint Breedlove Columbia model Kay-ish looking two-point, round-hole mandolin. It's a high end carved-top Breedlove and was made around 1995-2000 when the operation was still smaller and in Tumalo, Oregon. Apparently Kim Breedlove's hand was in this instrument (so says the original owner... this is now on its second owner).

All that said it's a fantastic piece of gear. My friend is selling through me simply because he doesn't want to trash it up playing rock-y gigs every other night. He's terrified of making his "Rick spot" on the top of it (as it has no pickguard). I can attest to its staying power: when he first acquired this we jammed for a few hours handing it back and forth during an impromptu acoustic show and it sure held its own over a double bass, two guitars, and another mandolin. It's got kick but it also has that sweet round-hole clarity and sustain, too.

Choice woods throughout: super flamed maple for the back, sides, and neck and an ebony board and bridge. The top is, of course, carved solid spruce and it's x-braced.

Rosewood-veneered headstock. The back of the neck has more of a satin (no-sticky) finish while the body and headstock are finished in high, gorgeous gloss. Note the truss cover.

The radiused ebony board feels awesome on the fingers. This has a standard 13 7/8" long scale. Pearl dots. The frets are essentially unused.

Well-fit adjustable bridge...

...and a good-quality tail.

Yikes! How about the maple, huh?

Those look like Schaller tuners to me.

The build is immaculate.

Isn't the condition amazing? It's like it's brand new. There's only the most minor of finger-rest marking at the upper treble bout.

Serial 3934...

The original TKL hard case with dust-cover comes with it... and the original sales material, care for your instrument information, and hang tag. Yeah... I know!

Good ebony endpin, too.