c.2000 Fender Mexican Fretless Jazz Bass

Yet another customer's bass: this one's a 2000 Mexican-made lined-fretless J-bass -- and? -- good sound, good feel. It's a Jazz Bass. There you go. Fender Mexico products to my hands always feel practical, sometimes a bit over-heavy, but sturdy and reliable. I never get huge inspiration to play one (I like oddballs) but when I've had them in my own stable they're always useful to get "that" sound for recording and are plenty stable for gigging.

Work on this was a light setup.

As is usual on most J-basses... I wish the bridge pup had a bit more output... but then again it has that typical "classic sound" and when I used to play a J-bass I would only use it blended with the mid-pickup, anyway.

Cream is never a color to wave any fingers at...