Local Flavor: How was your 4th?

Oh, man, we had a pretty busy 4th of July weekend this year! Up above is our Saturday jam group's members playing our annual "on the park" show which is always a blast. We even had some "imports" with Mr. Ken from Bristol and Mr. Brian from (now) New York filling the ranks. FYI -- our next (free) performance is at The Wild Fern next Friday the 11th.

We also have family up and yesterday I got to make both homemade almond ice cream and the thickest, frosting-est lemon-strawberry cake I've ever made. Suffice to say, I've been out and about and will return all your emails, calls, and associated communiques as soon as possible.

And for fun: I snapped this shot at 24x on the tripod last night. We had a nice clear sky and we all ran around like mad idiots with sparklers half in love with the moon.