c.1978 Yamaha FG-345 Dreadnought Guitar

Well here's a good, practical guitar. One can say that about most Yamahas, though! This one came as part of a trade deal and I just gave it a fret level/dress, new set of 50w-11 strings, and a good setup. It plays like butter and has that simple, useable lower-end Yamaha sound. This is an all-laminate guitar (spruce over rosewood) so it's not going to win any prizes for superb tone but it sure does get you a good deal closer to decent tone compared to the vast majority of similarly-built guitars from the same time. I wouldn't be ashamed to record on it or bring it to shows. This one was made in Taiwan and the serial dates it to 78.

No cracks, no super wear and tear, though it does have a jack-hole drilled in the lower-bout side (pickup since removed). There are also scuffs and nicks and light scratches throughout but the guitar is structurally very happy. It's a standard dreadnought size.

Sealed tuners are a nice upgrade! Rosewood headstock veneer and truss cover.

Pearl diamonds dress up the rosewood board. The neck is mahogany and it has a sort of 60s Martin shape to it.

For whatever reason Yamaha dyed their rosewood bridges black to look like ebony. It's silly... but a lot of makers did that. I added string ramps for better back angle and intonated the saddle while I was at it.

The neck angle is good and the joint is tight.

Note the extraneous jack hole. Want to put a pickup in? Half the job's done.