c.1900 Storioni-copy 4/4 Violin

This is a customer's old violin that was in for a neck reset, seam repairs, and setup. She sounds awesome and (now) plays great. The owner is a fiddler and has the odd choice of Thomastik Peter Infeld strings ($100/set) on this instrument. They're a perfect choice as the clear, smooth, sweet synthetic-core sound of these strings really suits this instrument's high-octane sound. I like.

Like many other late-1800s, early-1900s violins it bears a bogus "Storioni" label in the bass f-hole. It's certainly not from the 1700s and to my eyes doesn't even fit a the Storioni looks from instruments I've seen on the web... but who cares? As its own thing it sounds great.

After I reset the neck (which was a pain because it was an integrated neck/neck block) the action over the already-fitted bridge turned out to be perfect without modification.

The owner likes these composite tails with integrated adjusters... which are fine by me when using regular wood pegs at the pegbox. If it were my choice I'd probably put 4:1 geared pegs at the box and use a plain wood tail.

The flamed back and sides (maple) are fantastic!