Workshop: Cleaning House

The first part of the day was spent cleaning out the closet in the workshop and hanging everything remotely interesting from the beams in the shop... including old speakers and busted/funky old necks.

Among the art pieces are two "project" Regal-made parlor guitars from the 30s... that are available "as-is." If this stuff interests you just get in touch... they need the works which is why I haven't bothered with them (yet). Above is a Slingerland-sold instrument -- all birch -- with a cool black/grey "burst."

No tuners... the back is totally off and has no back braces... and it'll need a neck reset, bridge mod or reglue, fret level/dress... you name it.

I should mention that the charango next to it is totally unplayable save for slide -- it has the usual "caved in" problem these get despite no obvious external signs of it. Basically charangos tend to just warp themselves into high action over years of high-tension abuse. It's unavoidable.

The second has been worked on in the past and is almost "stable" but not really -- the neck has a light twist and warp and the neck was never reset... so at best if some tuners were popped on and a few braces were reglued this could be used as a Hawaiian guitar... which is what it probably was to begin with!

The "box" itself is all buttoned up, however.