c.1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Electric Guitar

The owner bought this new back in the day and I just gave it a light setup as it hadn't had service for a few years. He's played it religiously since purchase but it's still in great shape as he's kept it in the case and clean. The original pickups are stowed away and in their place are a set of humbucker Strat-style units but the Les Paul sound is unmistakable when you plug this in though it does have a slightly more 50s, slightly more clean-cut sound with these pups installed. You can almost get something like that Carl Perkins sound from the bridge.

This has a cherryburst maple top mated to a mahogany back and neck.

The bound board and inlays give that classic LP look.

Personally... I'd love to see a set of P-90s here but that's just my taste. These do the job just fine.

I like the brown-plastic cavity covers, myself.

Here you can see the layered construction.