Ephemera: That Darn Regal!

The weirdest bit about this is not the hat. It's the fact that this guy's toting a 30s Regal parlor of the all-mahogany, very rare super-cool pickguard variety in its natural form. Mr. Paul now plays the instrument from the blog post and part of me thinks: could they be the same?

In other news: I am so painfully busy right now. I can't believe it! Gigs left and right (fun!) and lots of repairs to finish up. Please excuse any slowness in getting your instruments tidied up but they're finally starting to roll off the line one by one. I had a huge mission to tidy up my own languishing secondary projects before getting knee-deep in more customer gear.

And tomorrow? The Rochester Harvest Fair is going all day long. I hear talk of thunderstorms, however, which may have us clutching instruments and hiding in doorframes rather than playing.