Local Flavor: Incoming Fall

Well, it's that Fall time again. The above pic is in the pineywoods on Mt. Cushman which is 10 minutes from our house. Gorgeous, mossy place and you could almost fall asleep on that green

Lately we Wildwoods have been busy as usual and I've started adding a 6th work day to my week to catch up on structural repairs (vs. light repairs/setup) I can't get to while conversing with folks stopping through the shop. This has been helping to get me back on schedule after a super-intense Summer and boy is it helping to curb a bit of stress over stuff hanging too long in the "waiting room."

Oona's in preschool now and little Elsa and I get to share about 2 hours every morning before work now which is super: we go for walks, strum on the old banjo(s), practice fife, watch old Felix the Cat cartoons and roll around in the grass or hunt bugs in the garden.

It's just starting to get cold here an we've laid in our 10 tons of pellets (5 store/5 house) and now I've got the unenviable task of opening the pallets all up and stowing them in the barn. We've had our first few fires in the stove, too, as the weather creeps colder and more leaves start to turn.

I love this time of year... it's the sitting on the porch writing songs season... while at the same time it's the gathering wild apples to make tart apple pies season... and the thanking old Ethiopia for coffee season... because you know you're gonna need it in a 3 months during that harshest part of the Vermont cycle.


Chris Till said…
'Tis a sweet life you lead. Many thanks for all the invaluable vintage guitar info.
Anonymous said…

May the sweet angel of inspiration lead you. But in the meantime could you get that Favilla audio posted ..... Well you know some customers; from blessing to curse. Greet that great family will yeh.