Some Wednesday Post-It Notes

To my repair customers: I've finally unboxed the overwhelming amount of guitars that arrived in the last couple weeks and have been accumulating in the packing room and I will get back to you about estimates, what they need, and all that good stuff. What an amazing set of wild fun stuff that'll be upcoming on the customer side of things!

To folks who've donated recently: thank you so very much! Every little bit helps and we appreciate it much. This helps me feel less stressed about turning up interesting research and finds for all you guys and working on bizarre projects like banjo basses and mystery conversion instruments. I'm hoping to get a bunch of ephemera scanned in the near future to archive some of it online as well as perhaps some DIY tutorials for minor repairs in the farther future.

To folks who I've been trading and selling with: thanks! With the mushy economy I love how we've all done curious horse trading back and forth and all over the place. It's great to see people hooked up with the instruments that inspire (going both ways).

To anyone waiting on a response from me: please just call or email me again. I'm running around like a headless chicken these days so it's not personal if you've slipped through the cracks. There are a lot of them right now.


Anonymous said…

Thank you for making the world a little more beautiful & soundful.

Greetings, Frank
bonnybroome said…
Can't let go of that tenor guitar Jake, as in, I can't put it down. What am I going to do with all my banjos?? Hmmm...
Jake Wildwood said…
#1 Thanks!

#2 You'll creep back to the banjos someday. I always do... usually when I'm sitting in a jam and don't want to have to work to be louder than everyone else in the room... :D