Workshop: Poor Storage

I'd worked on this guitar for a friend a couple years ago but since then he's stored it poorly (very cold and dry in winter and hot and humid in summer) and as a result many seams have come loose and the top brace under the fretboard came loose as well which meant that whole area shifted along a hairline crack and compressed at the soundhole forming an "uprise" which pushed the fretboard extension into a hump... and of course action got higher, too.

Let this be a warning: store your stuff properly!

Here you can see the hairline shift/crack at the soundhole... and the upper brace I've removed.

...and here I'm clamping up a new brace going in. I used the old one as a template but cut a new one that's larger and has more bottom gluing area out of some quartersawn mahogany. I'm hoping this helps to keep the upper bout rigid and sturdy and force that fretboard extension and squirrel upper bout top back down and flat.