1967 Harmony H1260 Sovereign Jumbo Flattop Guitar

Another Sovereign? Yep. This is a customer's guitar and came in for a neck reset, fret level/dress, bridge work, and setup. Just like all the other "big Sovs" I've handled it was in very poor playing shape when it got here... mile high action. And... just like all the other "big Sovs" that've come out, it plays much like a period Martin (similar neck profile and scale length) now that it's been fixed up.

These are good guitars and for your money into one of these you get a fantastic return: they're big, full-sounding creatures that can easily hold the rhythm line for band use and have a "different" sound compared to x-bracing. They sound a bit more "open" overall.

With a 16" lower bout, deep sides, and an enormously-wide waist this type of guitar is much more like a "jumbo" than a true dreadnought. It also has the same sort of response as a jumbo... more a J-200 sort of vibe than a dreadnought.

All is original to the guitar except for the bridge saddle. It's got the usual 1 11/16" nut width and a C-profile shape to the neck.

Radiused, rosewood board... binding... side dots... and faux-pearl dots on the face.

I recut the saddle slot and made a new bone saddle for this guitar. The original plastic one was too high and also glued-in which made accurate setup difficult. This one is compensated for better intonation and removable for adjustments in the future.

One thing that drives me nuts about this bridge style is that it's very difficult to adjust setup at the bridge on-the-fly because the strings really have to come off and to do that on this (pinless design) you have to totally unwrap them from the tuners rather than just detune and pop the pins out with a capo on the neck (to hold the strings while they're slack). It just means that it's tedious to do setup work at the bridge.

The top is solid spruce while the back and sides are solid mahogany. There are two tight hairline cracks on the back which I've drop-filled with a bit of glue where I could. They're stable, though, so I'm not particularly worried about them.

The original tuners work just fine.

Jeez, our "new blue porch" is showing some age, now.

Original endpin, too.