2000s Austin AU735 Strat Copy Electric Guitar

Another blue-green Korean Strat copy. Another day.

But, ya know, she's alright.

On the surface this thing looks fancy but I'm pretty sure the flame is painted-on in some fashion to this instrument. Normally figure will get that changing "three dimensionality" to it as you alter the light... but just like those 30s and 40s Harmony guitars with the faux-flame paint jobs... this is as flatland as it can be. Still, the effect is decent under the gloss finish.

Two major plusses for this Asian import: cool retro fittings and a Peavy-esque acceptable-looking headstock shape.

Radiused, rosewood board with pearl dots and big medium frets. The neck itself is extra-slim and C-shaped but still has the wider 1 11/16" nut width. The bass side has very minor relief that cannot be dealt with by the truss but it doesn't alter playability... this is dialed-in really slick (1/16" at the 12th fret) and sports what feels like a set of 9s.

The pickups sound... Stratty... with the typical 80s-retro humbucker bridge pup for thicker leads. The whammy works decently, keeps in tune pretty well, and after setup the intonation is good, too.

I love seeing Kluson tuners on Fendery necks.

This guit comes with a decent gigbag, truss and saddle adjustment kit, whammy bar, and as-new frets.


Unknown said…
For Sale? I only want the neck.