At the Movies: Charlie Parr @ KEXP

Goodfella Ben popped me over this link of Mr. Parr over at KEXP, too. I'd heard him before but didn't know he'd been on their show. Good stuff!

In other news: today is wifey Bonnie's birthday so I'm playing it a bit hooky until tomorrow... in which you'll all be treated to both a cool old bowlback mando, a 50s Gibson LG-3, and a nice old Martin 0-18.

In other, other news: packing stuff for shipping was slightly delayed this week by a leak in my packing room roof that I didn't notice until too late. It spoiled some boxes so I had to scrounge around for some new stuff. Oh well! It's all on its way, now. Please get in touch if you haven't gotten tracking info.


Deltapuppy said…
Thanks for posting this, a great pleasure to watch!