November Parts: Banjo & Guitar Oddities!

For the parts roundup this November is a bunch of odd banjo stuff and rare guitar old-stock tuners. Above you see a 1910s/20s "aftermarket tonering" for a dowel-style banjo. Totally bizarre! This uses a small spike to sit itself on the dowel of a banjo (inside the rim) and a small wheel to adjust it upwards until it presses up against the head which turns a standard banjo into something with an "archtop" banjo tonering mount. I love it. This one is 9.5" in diameter and at minimum 1" deep. Measure the interior of your rim before springing for it!

If this tonering interests you, it's $50 shipped. Use the PayPal/online cart button below to purchase:

Next up is a 40s/50s/60s banjo-mandolin or tenor banjo metal add-on pickguard with mounting brackets and all. It's chromed and in perfect old stock shape. The bit at the bottom next to the "Elton" mark is a pick holder!

It's roughly 7x4" overall.

Sorry, but this pickguard is sold (Feb 28, 2015). 

How about a 30s Oahu-style cast aluminum bridge for a squareneck Hawaiian guitar? All mounting bolts are included. Lightweight, straight saddle... perfect for an oddball parlor guitar project you don't want to put time or effort into replacing a bridge on. Also... cool rich sustained tone, too!

This bridge is now purchased (Nov 8, 2014).

These tuners are complete with ferrules but no screws. I've seen this Waverly-looking open type on both 40s/50s Harmony products as well as a few lower-end old Martins. They're simple units, work fine, and have creamy-yellow buttons.

These tuners are now sold (Nov 12).

These big old Kluson units are sometimes seen on 30s-50s archtop guitars and once in a while on old Regal flattops (from my experience). An earlier version was also used on 1940s Gibson guitars so they might be a good match for that, too. You know these if you've seen them! These are a complete set and in good order but they don't have ferrules or screws (they'd use wider-than-normal ferrules as you might expect for old Klusons). I'm guessing these date from the 40s or 50s.

These Klusons are now sold (Nov 12).