Review: Dunlop Primetone "Sculpted Plectra" Picks

I've been a big fan of Dunlop's Ultex material and use the big triangular-shaped variety in various gauges for whatever my Blue Chip picks don't particularly like. What's cool is this new Dunlop product (specifically these are called Primetone Sculpted Plectras) that seems to be... yes... a cheaper alternative to the Blue Chips! They're the same idea: big, thick, speed-beveled, and in this case made from Ultex rather than the wild proprietary Blue Chip material.

So... what do I think? They're not going to replace my Blue Chips (which are the bee's knees but horribly expensive) and they don't get quite the same performance but they're definitely closer than anything else I've tried and they sound excellent on overly-warm instruments where these slightly brighten up the response while still getting a lot of low end.

They come in a bunch of different standard shapes, sizes, and bevels and at $2 a pop they're a lot more affordable than the BCs. This is what's shown here while this would be a good Dawg-style mandolin pick and this might suit your average guitarist.