1900s German-made Carlo Alberi 4/4 Violin

The giant music retailer B&J (HQ'd New York) imported these nice-grade factory instruments from Germany and gave them a spurious Italian-style name (Carlo Alberi) to give their title more weight. Like many nice German factory instruments, though, who cares? The instruments speak for themselves. This is obviously a cut above normal trade violins with excellent wood throughout, a nice Strad carve, clear and rich voice, and a great feel.

I did a light setup on this for a friend of mine, set the soundpost, cleaned it up, and added new perlon-core (Dominant-style) strings.

The pegs are well-fit, the scroll is well-cut, and the neck's maple is pretty stuff. All the fittings are ebony.

The fingerboard is also well-shaped.

Someone cut and fit a nice bridge to this in the past.

The one-piece maple back actually looks even nicer in person... there's a lot of 3D ripple effect going on that can't be seen in these overcast pics.

The original tailgut (actually gut, in this case) is holding up just fine.

It's got a nice original case as well.


fiddlinaggie said…
I've had a violin made with the name Alberi on the inside for several years. It has the sweetest tone, clear and rich. I couldn't be happier.