1948 Gibson LG-2 Flattop Guitar

Hubba, hubba. Sunburst, teardrop guard, straight bridge... this has it. Customers: stop leading me into temptation by sending this stuff here. She's honking loud and gutsy with a clear, edgy tone that reminds me more of an L-00 with a bit more roundness than an LG-2 or B-25. It's a perfect guitar for the fingerpicker, bluesboy, or old-time flatpicker looking for a different but tasty lead sound.

My work on it included regluing a couple loose braces, a fret level/dress, recut of the swampy saddle slot, new ebony bridge pins, and installation of a nice new compensated bone saddle.

The bottom line? No cracks... just general use-wear and love bites and tons of finish crackle/check. This is what I like to see on old Gibs.

Per regulation specs this has a solid spruce top with x-bracing and sunburst finish and solid mahogany back, sides, and neck. The bridge and board are rosewood and the board is radiused with those vintage slimmer old Gibson frets that seem to just take wear and keep on ticking (even after leveling/dressing).

Truss works as it should...

Pearl dots... and a medium-c neck shape that would be familiar to anyone who's played other 40s or 50s Gibs. It's home base for my hands!

Isn't that a great pickguard?

The tuners hold pitch just fine but they're certainly not fancy or modern! Old Klusons, how we shame love you.

Yessir, first position chomp chomp chomp...

The endpin is a replacement, of course.

I just wanted to show off the saddle compensation. This is pretty typical for most guitars I service but it's often so hard to show it outside in full, bright sunlight.

A cool old case came with it, too.